Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Three Months Ago

It's amazing to me that in three months that I've come so far in changing my life through running. 
  • Three months ago, I could barely walk a full mile without being exhausted.  Today, I'm running 8 miles on my long runs and returning home with enough energy to ferry the kids through the Saturday Frenzy - birthday parties, playdates, and their sports. 
  • Three months ago, I gave up the super-sugary donuts, candy bars, and pizza buffets that I was eating routinely.  Today, I've lost 20 pounds and dropped 2 dress sizes from eating healthier and training for a half-marathon. 
  • Three months ago, I rarely exercised.  Today, I look for ways to build my daily schedule around my training plan.  I routinely get up at 4:30 am to get together with my running group for distance runs or running hills. 
  • Three months ago, I didn't consider myself an athlete.  Today, I proudly say, "I am a runner." 

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