Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Running .... or Camping???

One of the things I like about any new hobby is the gear that goes along with it.  As I've started running, I've started to collect a number of items to make running better.  Awesome. I love my gear; it makes more feel like the "real deal" as a new runner.

What I don't love, however, is trying to remember all of the gear (a challenge at 4:30 am to be certain!).  As I'm walking out of the house before my long group runs, it feels as if I'm preparing all the gear for a camping trip.

To help solve this, I created a master list for running that I store on the Notes section of my iPhone.  Here's a snapshot of my list.  The list also helps me prepare the night before for my long group runs.  I always know where it is, and I can easily add and remove items from it when I no longer need them.

You may be wondering about the item "Map directions on arm."  I don't like to get lost - like, I really really really don't like to get lost.  So, I study our map the night before and write the route turns on the inside of my left forearm with a Sharpie.  My running friends laugh at me, but I've never gotten lost on a run yet!

When I'm not running, I keep all of my gear in a small plastic tub in my closet.  The kids have all been warned - "Don't touch mommy's running stuff!!!"  Otherwise, it would be used for the times when they play Outdoor Safari or army out in the back yard.  

I'm also going to add a new component to it this week - a drawstring backpack.  I'll use this to keep everything together on the trips to and from our running group meeting spot.  I have an awesome Geico Caveman bag that I think will do the trick just fine! 

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